Maxwell to Instagram Critics: ‘I’m Putting Every Type A Girl in My Instagram!’


Maxwell makes the ladies swoon with his soulful music, but somes fans have turned into critics when it comes to his Instagram. The ne0-soul singer, known for his love of beautiful things, has comes under fire for the lack of  “diverse” women in his photos. One in particular- two Caucasian women on a motorcycle (below)- was met with harsh comments.

Maxwell's Instagram

“Here we go again with the white girls SMH Let’s see some Beautiful African Women,” said one follower.

Another suggests the Maxwell isn’t attracted to black women.  “I’ve been Swallowed that pill.. For a about a month now you will not see him with NO women of color and this girl has her legs wide open?? Oh well to each his own SMH”

The normally quiet celebrity lashed out at the “haters” with a lengthy response, saying that their assumptions are false.
“Sick if som of you chiming in on my friends and Insulting them with racists comments you know nothing you assume everything and you should know better and worship is for GOD not me so sit down,” he wrote.
“I don’t give a f**k I’m putting ever[sic] type a girl in my Instagram go f**k yourself if you’re a racists[sic] a**hole!!!!”
Vixens: who do you agree with?
Photo Credit: Ben Ritter/RETNA/Instagram/Maxwell
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