New Music: M.I.A. ‘Unbreak My Mixtape’

M.I.A.‘s eagerly-awaited Matangi album doesn’t drop until November 5 but the hip-hop goddess took pity on fans and uploaded “Unbreak My Mixtape” yesterday afternoon (August 20) to help quench our thirst for new material. There’s no word yet if the quirky Dear John letter set to music made the LP or is just a discarded demo but it’s still well worth checking out.

Maya muses on her confused state of mind, singing “here’s a mixtape that I made, let’s take a break” over a beat that sample Blur‘s 1999 single “Tender”. It sounds vaguely unfinished but that could be the whole point. Listen to M.I.A.’s latest multi-layered musical odyssey after the jump.

Listen to the full mixtape at Idolator