New Video: Gunplay — ‘Drop Da Tint’

Watch out for Gunplay and his white Maserati. The MMG rapper drives around his Miami hood with his mob-tied hoodlums in the video for “Drop Da Tint,” but when that passenger seat window rolls down, it means trouble. Although Gunplay raps about “hanging out the window with a big oak timber” and “drive by shootin,” he artfully refrains from his infamous “gunplay-ing” visually. The rapper was unbelievingly acquitted of armed robbery charges back in February, despite surveillance cameras catching him in the act. He vowed to pick up “where I left off with my music and making hits with my upcoming debut album,” and released the aptly-titled Acquitted mixtape in June. His official solo debut has yet to surface. Here’s to hoping he’ll stay out of trouble until then.