No I.D. Says Big Sean’s ‘Control’ Beat Initially Meant For Jay Z


The hip-hop world is still feeling the aftershock of Big Sean’s bombshell record with Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica, “Control” With KDot’s name-dropping scandal to Jay’s bar fest, there’s no doubt that this track will be one for the history books.

But the maestro behind the trio’s mammoth collaboration, No I.D., reveals that the beat was initially meant for an MC who has occupied the rap throne for quite some time: Jay Z.

“I had this beat. I had actually done it for Jay, right before I let [Sean] hear it. I said, ‘You should take this beat, I think it would be great for you to show up on one of these beats, forget money, forget everything,’” the legendary producer tells Complex.

He even goes a step further by saying that what was subtitled as a “No I.D. (Freestyle)” almost didn’t become an entire record.

“[Sean] was like, ‘I’m gonna drop it as a freestyle.’ I was like cool,” he explains. “Then he was like, “Yo, I’m gonna get Jay Electronica on it.” I was like, ‘Okay, cool.’ Anyway, that’s where ‘No I.D. (Freestyle)’ comes from, it was a No I.D. beat and he was freestyling. It didn’t have a chorus, it wasn’t intended to be a full song even.”

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