Pitbull To Open Charter School In Miami

Pitbull is getting ready for the upcoming semester by opening a charter school in his native Miami, Florida. Sports, Leadership and Management (SLAM) will open the doors to its first batch students August 17, according to the school’s website.

Mr. Worldwide served as the 2013 National Charter Schools Conference keynote speaker where he discussed his decision to become more involved with education in his hometown.

“I can speak from the heart when it comes to charter schools for the simple fact is that teachers have changed my life,” Pitbull told The Washington Post.

The “Give Me Everything” rapper even recalled the most influential teacher he had growing up. “I had a second grade teacher that taught me that there is a way out and then I had an eleventh grade teacher who taught me to believe in myself and the talent that we didn’t even understand that we had at the time. So, that’s the same thing I want to do with the kids.

Pitbull continues, “Sometimes what happens is that education is no longer sexy. It’s no longer cool. I want to tell them or help put together either curriculum or schools where it does entertain them or engage them. One way or another [I want to] just make it fun again to learn. There’s no way that you can tackle any obstacle or any issue around the world if you’re not educated.” –Alley Olivier

Photo Credit: Getty

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