Premiere: Cash Cash ‘Take Me Home’ (Fareoh Remix), Meet The Electronic Trio’s JP Makhlouf

Cash Cash crew (left to right): Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf, and Sam Frisch

Electronic three-piece, Cash Cash (aka Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf and Samuel Frisch,) light things up during their live acts and have been dominating airwaves as well as concert stages with new music coupled with electrifying sets. The Jersey boys’ most recent endeavor includes a full remix package of their summer hit “Take Me Home” (feat. Bebe Rexha), which drops August 26 via Big Beat Records. The EP includes a Fareoh remix, which can be played exclusively on VIBE below. Follow the jump to read our interview with Cash Cash member Jean Paul Makhlouf.

VIBE: What’s your process for choosing what goes into your sets? Do you pick racks on the spot or plan ahead?
Jean Paul: We do a mix of both prep and on the fly. We usually have a base foundation of the songs we’re gonna drop in a set. We organize a lot of it by key and BPM so we have a general place to pick from but always do the actual show on the fly because it all depends on how the crowd is reacting or where the energy of the night is. On top of that we also have a ton of acapellas, one shots, and sampled triggers that we hit, skip out, and fuck with completely on the fly, which keeps things super fresh. We drop tons of little throwback samples that get people hyped up! It all depends on how we’re feeling that night.

Describe your sound (i.e progressive, electro-house, etc.)
We like to call ourselves an EDM mutt because we are a total bi-product of so much electronic music. It’s tough for us to stay on the same vibe for too long. There’s too many good electronic elements and styles of dance music to limit ourselves to a certain tempo or keyboard sound. We keep our base around House and Electro but after doing a handful of tracks at 128 bpms we move down to 110. If we get sick of that we aren’t afraid to speed things up to 140 and get a killer cut time groove going. We feel that it would be uninspiring and straight up boring for us as well as many listeners to give them the same shit over and over again. To us there’s good music and bad music. That is all.

We noticed there were several hip-hop samples in the set. Are you influenced by today’s rappers?
This ties into the last question really well. We have such a huge musical background that doesn’t stop at electronic or dance music. We are fans of old and new, classic rock, rock, jazz, 90’s pop, rap, blues, funk, everything….That being said it’s really easy for us to find connections with our music/dj set’s and the past. Tying it all together is one of the things we enjoy the most. There’s never a dull moment given there’s infinite amount of ways to connect it all.

Is there any projects currently in the works? Tours, album, festival, etc.
We are sooooo amped to have the song we produced for Krewella called “Live For The Night” come out this month! We had a blast working with them and really hit it off well. We’re also really excited about this Bruno Mars remix we did for “Treasure” that comes out soon on Atlantic. We had a blast doing that as well as few others that are still in the works. We have plans to release an EP this September that will have a bunch of new music as well as tons of remixes that circle around the release. Keep us with us on Twitter and Facebook for updates! We love to hear from people in the community as well so definitely holla at us!