Premiere: Sly & The Family Stone ‘Dance To The Music’ (Live From The Isle Of Wight Festival)

From the Sly & The Family Stone upcoming box set, presents the world premiere of “Dance To The Music” (Live From The Isle Of Wight Festival).

“In the summer of 1970, Sly & The Family Stone crossed the Atlantic a second time, for a ten-date jaunt visiting such capitals of Europe as London, Paris and Amsterdam. The most prestigious date of the tour was likely the third Isle of Wight Festival, held on the small island off the southern coast of England, from August 26–31. The documentary film of the previous year’s Woodstock Festival had come out that spring, and it seemed the UK was intent on matching the spectacle. With an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 people in attendance, Isle of Wight would be acknowledged as one of the largest musical events of the era.

Cynthia Robinson: “That was a big thing. It was just like Woodstock. I remember it was just a sea of people.”

The band kicked off with “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again),” and as Sly’s guitar was horribly out of tune, it was rough going on subsequent “M’lady” and “Sing A Simple Song.” It looked like this might not be The Family Stone’s best moment. Suddenly, however, a stellar performance of “Stand!” woke up the audience, followed by an incredible “You Can Make It If You Try.” By the time the group got to “Dance To The Music” the crowd was going crazy.”

The Sly & The Family Stone’s Higher box set will be released on August 27. Pre-order here.