Prince’s Secret New York Show Ended At 6 AM

After sending shockwaves through the Twitterverse by logging on and sending out messages 3rdeyegirl, legendary musician Prince pulled another surprise from his bedazzled sleeve and performed a secret show in New York City after the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards early Monday morning (August 26). Don’t feel bad that you missed the memo because like a regular warm-blooded mammal, you were probably snoozing when the concert started and ended. According to Vulture, the three-hour long set began at 3am and concluded at 6am. While videos of the mysterious gig have not surfaced just yet, Vulture broke it down for those unlucky enough to have missed such a spectacle. Vulture’s Jada Yuan writes: “You guys gotta work tomorrow, but this” — the stage — “is my town. This is where I live,” he said before promising that “This turnaround is gonna be so hot you’re gonna think it’s an act of God,” and started playing “Act of God.” Even ?uestlove made everyone’s 140 characters jealous by live-tweeting the event.

Read the full account here. Photo Credit: Getty

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