Q&A: EDX On His Wild Summer Plans And One Lucky Contest Winner

After picking a winner for his ‘NoXcusesJet Contest,’ EDX is ready to rage for the remainder of the summer with a stop in his hometown of Zurich for the sexiest street parade ever (along with gal pals Nervo) followed by a private jet headed straight for the sandy beaches of Ibiza for Avicii’s party. VIBE sits down with the rising producer-DJ to get the inside scoop on how EDX will be handling his party-rock agenda for the rest of the season:

VIBE: Compare your sound to a cocktail drink. What would it be and why?
EDX: I personally like original Martini Biancos on the rocks (in the US it’s a sweet vermont). It puts you in the right mood and vibe, and it’s sweet at the first taste.

How did growing up in Zurich help in your development as a DJ?
My development as a DJ can be greatly attributed to the fact that the techno generation already started in Europe more than 20 years back with Zurich as one of the capitals. I was so impressed when I saw Carl Cox in ‘92, and Laurent Garnier who had made the progressive vibe more cross-over in ‘93. I was also impressed by all these great breaks DJs from the UK with their amazing new sound and radio shows I was only able to listen to through satellite radio. I still remember Sven Väth as a GOD of trance when guys like Armin or Tiesto showed up on the radar. I had the chance to live through those moments and I am so thankful for that.

You’ll be trading in the snowy alps of Switzerland for the hot beaches of Ibiza. What’s the best part about performing there? What are most looking forward to experience during your stay?
Actually, there is not that much snow in Zurich, but I agree, if you live in the alps you don’t want to trade it as quick for something else… It’s beautiful up there. Ibiza is beautiful in itself and it’s still, in some ways, untouched and very hippie. It’s a magic island where you can feel the music and the positive vibe of the beaches with a lot of very unique spots. Every summer, there are so many enthusiastic music people traveling to the island for the great diversity of music genres. It’s good for every DJ to touch the island each summer. The vibe is really amazing and kind of unique for Europe – as a DJ you really enjoy playing there.

You’ll also be taking one lucky fan with you thanks to your incredible contest. What made you want to take part in this venture? What qualities are looking for in a winner?
I am traveling weekend after weekend to different continents, countries, cities, and villages, so I meet many music lovers all over the world that feel the same way about my music. I really can consider myself blessed to be able to make this happen. I felt that it is the right time and moment to give something back – a unique exclusive experience you can only get once – for this love and energy I can feel each weekend… I think it will also be a fun and cool experience for myself to share such a trip with a personal fan!

What new music can we expect from EDX in the future?
I will definitely stick to my good vibe melodic music and hopefully I can keep people smiling! There will be a lot of new remixes coming including a remix for Calvin Harris’ “Thinking About You,” which will be released in August. Over the summer there will be a lot of collaborations and originals to be announced soon as well…