‘R&B Divas L.A.’ Recap: The Monologue Must Go On

In last week’s edition of R&B Divas: L.A., Kelly Price showed herself to be a power-hungry egomaniac that goes third base with delusion and trifling behavior far too often. This week’s episode was no different, albeit with very little screen time for the Grammy winner and platinum-selling artist. Kelly can holler, scream and testify about it being the fault of “editing” all she wants, but no one forced her to carry herself the way she did in that meeting with Lil’ Mo. The same goes for her pulling the okie doke on the remaining divas when it comes to the highly debated Not Yo Mama’s Monologues.

In any event, other things besides Kelly’s head growing before our very eyes so let’s hop to it. But first, let me warn you that next week marks the season finale of R&B Divas: L.A.. I know, I know: TV One reality series only last a smooth two or three pay periods. I’m sad we’ve already reached the end, too. Still, let’s enjoy our time together while we still have it. —Michael Arceneaux (@youngsinick)

1. Lil’ Mo Is Pissed

This episode began and ended with Lil’ Mo’s disappointment in anger over the fallout of the anticipated monologue-led play that was to feature the entire cast. Mo’ continued to tear into Dawn Robinson, but the best part was she later told Chanté Moore about it – notably Dawn coming for her religion. Mo said in response, “Bitch, you ain’t even saved!” Give this woman a church clap, y’all.

Mo made it even clearer that she along with Chanté Moore are not here for Dawn Robinson and Kelly Price. When Claudette Ortiz said she thought to invite Kelly and Dawn to the monologues, the both of them let a flat out “no.” Mo wins line of the night honors for saying, “I’d rather you invite Terry and Cindy: The real En Vogue.” Shady or not, that’s true tea.