Review: 15 Thoughts On Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ In Brooklyn

4. With no official music videos in rotation, the abstract scenes that played on a widescreen on stage are the newest visuals you’ll get from Bey. Some were basically moving versions of her Tumblr photos (Beyoncé on vacation. Beyoncé and her shadow walking along a narrow corridor). Others looked Illuminati-directed: One, soundtracked by African drums, reflected on power, as Bey asked: “Would you surrender? I can make you surrender… If you make the right selection, the passion intensifies like a drug. Are you high right now?” At one point, it got a little ominous. There was some silent screaming before Bey ended with: “You are a queen. No, a king.” Then “I Was A Boy,” spliced with Hit-Boy’s “Clique” beat.

Photo Credit: Getty Images