Review: 15 Thoughts On Beyonce’s ‘Mrs. Carter Show’ In Brooklyn

On Saturday (August 3), Beyoncé brought The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, the first of three BK stops. Here’s what we learned from the Bey Experience

1. For some, Beyoncé’s latest tour seemed to be oddly titled—The Mrs. Carter Show sounded like Jay-Z’s wife defining herself through her man. But this outing couldn’t be more fittingly named. With her fourth solo album, 2011’s 4, Beyoncé stepped into the stable, marriage phase of her career and the music sounded like it (“Love On Top,” “1 + 1,” etc). Likewise, this show is familiar yet no less exciting. Bey still has fun, as the occasionally trill Ms. Perfect with a naughty streak she knows when to keep dormant. But more than ever, respect and legacy are on her mind. Mid-show, after “Crazy In Love,” she asked the crowd a rhetorical question: “Are y’all gon’ say, ‘I was at that Beyoncé concert 20 years ago’?” (My kid will hear about it everyday.)

2.That said, in between the body-roll tracks “Get Me Bodied” and “Baby Boy,” Bey instructed the audience to repeat “Heeyyy Ms. Carter” instead of “Mrs. Carter” (that doesn’t flow the same). It’s a minor detail, but addressing herself as “Ms.” momentarily masks her marital status.

3. Sadly, we didn’t get to see this nipple outfit, though Bey did debut a black-and-white, deep-V number (see above).

4. With no official music videos in rotation, the abstract scenes that played on a widescreen on stage are the newest visuals you’ll get from Bey. Some were basically moving versions of her Tumblr photos (Beyoncé on vacation. Beyoncé and her shadow walking along a narrow corridor). Others looked Illuminati-directed: One, soundtracked by African drums, reflected on power, as Bey asked: “Would you surrender? I can make you surrender… If you make the right selection, the passion intensifies like a drug. Are you high right now?” At one point, it got a little ominous. There was some silent screaming before Bey ended with: “You are a queen. No, a king.” Then “I Was A Boy,” spliced with Hit-Boy’s “Clique” beat.

5. This happened.

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Photo Credit: Twitter/BeyonceLite