Rihanna’s Reps Call Funeral Lawsuit ‘Completely False’

Rihanna came out on top in her Topshop lawsuit, but the bad gyal is already back in hot water. Multiple sources say the grill-totin’ singer is being sued by the company responsible for her grandmother’s funeral. According to them, Rihanna threw an extravagant home-going service in June 2012 complete with floral arrangements, tents and LED screens, totaling in at least $150K.

The Bajan company claims Rihanna only paid a portion and refused to pay the rest because she felt she was “overcharged.” However, Rihanna’s reps tell HuffPost Celebrity that their accusations are unfounded.

“Rihanna’s bill was paid in full. The accusation that there is an outstanding balance is completely false.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/Rihanna