The Round Up: Shaheem Reid Interviews Oprah

Shaheem Reid’s Life + Times’ series ‘The Round Up’ has featured plenty of rappers in previous episodes. But recently, the veteran journalist had the honor of speaking to the Queen of day-time talk shows Oprah Winfrey about her role in the new Lee Daniels’ film ‘The Butler.’ Reid commended Winfrey on the movie, mentioning it took him on a roller coaster ride of emotions. He also inquired about her thoughts on the Jay Z – Harry Belafonte controversy and the generational divide between the two.

“People war in different ways,” Oprah responded. “There are multiple ways to protest. Jay uses his music, he uses his life … Harry Belafonte’s might’ve been going to congress or marching,” she added.

The Butler premiers in theaters this Friday, August 16. Check out the full episode of ‘The Round Up’ above!