Russell Simmons Addresses ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’

Russell Simmons sat down with YouTube entertainment show BRKDWN to talk about his new YouTube Channel All Def Digital (ADD). In it’s first month in existence, Simmons’ new endeavor has managed to piss off black women everywhere after it released an history parody titled Harriet Tubman Sex Tape. The video was taken down after an uproar over its several negative stereotypes.

“In 30 years, I have never once pulled down a piece of content,” says Simmons. “I’ve always had controversy, but this is different because there is a line which most poems don’t cross and most records don’t cross.”

Simmons alleges he took the video down because the response “broke his heart.” He had a vision of traditional comedy where “the oppressed take advantage of the oppressed,” however admits “it could have been executed better.”

Simmons says he’s got hundreds more YouTube series and videos coming. “I’m sure I’m gonna piss off everybody again tomorrow,” he saya. “I got shit that’s coming that’s gonna piss people off.”