Rye Rye and Le1f Invade Afropunk and the Rap Game

Those who can get past the Miley Cyrus memes and N Sync nostalgia will notice another artist that had a pretty good night. Macklemore, whose catchy hits “Thrift Shop” and “Can’t Hold Us” practically dominated radio waves, walked away with a handful of VMA’s on Sunday. While most were excited for the indie darling to get mainstream gratification, it was gay rapper Le1f who couldn’t help but suggest the Seattle native copied his catchy “Wut” for “Thrift Shop” glory.



le1f tweets

Truth is, the number one hit does sound a lot like Le1f’s tune and his Twitter vent shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s met the New York City native. During last weekend’s Afropunk Music Festival, we ran into the stylish rapper watching friend Rye Rye tear down the stage. “The way she dances…I need to get my cardio up! Big fan of her and Mykki Blanco; they’re the homies,” he says as friends come and go with warm greetings.

“My problem is, I’ll take the mic and go on stage and feel like I’m in my own space. I have a dance background. I’m capable of going on the stage and, based on the vibe I get, it can go anywhere. I might lay down and look away. I may jump into the ground, start voguing and hit somebody in the face. It can go so many directions.”