Rye Rye and Le1f Invade Afropunk and the Rap Game

Besides his outrageous style and in your face attitude, Le1f’s entire brand screams New York flavor. He’s part rock star, part hard hitting spitter and probably the  industry’s most famous gay rapper. His lyrics are equally entertaining, delving into topics as diverse as literary classic Grapes of Wrath and taboo subjects like cyber sex.

“I really feel like I was the first one to rap about it (laughs),” he ponders.  “And I always catch myself, like that is so embarrassing. Basically, I use Grindr or Ok Cupid or some shit (laughs). The song is about having sex over Skype, so I just put myself out there. Niggas can catch me on the street and call me out like, ‘you’re the faggot that’s rapping about cyber sex.’”


rye rye

If he’s not being called out for treading the line between inappropriate and fabulous, it’s what he’s wearing that gets a double take. If it’s not “ugly shit that matches some cute shit,” it’s a mix of thrift store finds and friends’ hand me downs. In fact, the art of being “eclectic and weird” is embraced more than ever in 2013. Shortly after leaving Le1f to his shenanigans, old friend and former co-performer Rye Rye cosigned his same sentiments, naming vintage items as her favorite finds.

“I like prints and patterns. I like a lot of vintage stuff and designers of course. I like people like Jeremy Scot and a lot of underground designers,” she dished. “I want to go into fashion design, but I feel like it’s so much. I kind of wanted to do a baby line because I have a daughter.”

The pint-sized Baltimore native fit right in with the alternative Afropunk crowd. Dressed in lime green parachute pants and an oversized t-shirt, the N.E.E.T. signee reflected on life with her daughter and whether she would let her join the industry at a young age.