Scoop Deville and Mibbs Discuss New ‘Freebass’ EP

Producer Scoop Deville sat down with VIBE for an exclusive interview alongside PacDiv member Mibbs. The two joined forces this summer for the new EP Freebass. With Scoop producing hot tracks like Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” and “The Recipe,” he continued to have the creative streak on his hands while compiling the bass-heavy project. Mibbs, originally from Southern California based group PacDiv, brought his eclectic sound and style showing that there were no creative boundaries when creating Freebass.

“Like when we make music, it’s like 2020 music, not like what’s going on now,” Scoop told VIBE. “And creating the sound was cool because it was kind of just natural.”

To check out and listen to Freebass click link here.