Scott Storch Talks Robbery In NYC

Chart-topping beatsmith Scott Storch was allegedly robbed at gunpoint in New York City this past Tuesday (August 20). After leaving Platinum Studios near Times Square early in the A.M., crooks were said to have stolen a briefcase filled with nearly $5k in cash, along with several pieces of jewelry including a Rolex watch and diamond necklace, worth around $100,000.

Storch stopped by MTV’s RapFix Live Wednesday to set the record straight. “I was coming out of the studio around like seven in the morning and just unexpectedly, two 7-foot thugs came out of nowhere and bam, they got me… gunpoint, yeah,” he recalled. “They said give it up or they was gonna shoot and had the gun like pressed up on me and everything. It was crazy.”

Despite having financial problems, the “Lean Back” producer showed little worry about material things. “I’m not really worried about losing that stuff,” he added. “Just as long as my family and myself are OK. We went unharmed and nothing’s gonna stop the music.”

Photo Credit: Getty