Today In SMH News: Justin Bieber And Lil Twist’s Rocky Bromance, Simon Cowell’s Twisted Love Life And More

What’s worse than a Justin Bieber and Lil Twist bromance? Ending the Justin Bieber and Lil Twist bromance, especially after a battery allegation. [TMZ]

*Also worth noting and shaking your head for: Bieber’s penis phone antics. Don’t believe me? Just watch here.

This thief here: Man wanted to trade baby wipes, diapers and tequila for crack [QC Times]

Hold the beef! Somewhere in America, there’s a possible E.Coli contamination. [HuffPo]

Simon Cowell went half on a baby with a mistress who is deemed a “gold digger” and divorcing the man who hates them both. [New York Post]

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