Today In SMH News: Russell Simmons Puts Out ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape,’ Florida Man Pulls A Mike Tyson And More

Russell Simmons and his A.D.D. (All Def Digital, that is) released a now mythical “Harriet Tubman sex tape,” a visual that even a Rush card couldn’t afford people to unsee.[Clutch]

A mechanic gets the ax after soliciting weed on Twitter only for the cops to hop in his mentions. [Gawker] A Florida man was so madly in love with a woman, he madly bit off the ear off her boyfriend and dropped it into a cup of coffee. [Rambling Beach Cat] Thirsting for fascism? Here’s some Adolf Hitler wine. [HuffPo] Funny money: A batch of new $100 bills were thrown away after printing error [ABC News Photo Credit: Getty