Soulja Boy Gets Kicked Off Plane (Video)

Soulja Boy was reportedly booted off an aircraft Friday (August 9) after refusing to have a seat. Apparently the “Crank That” rapper wouldn’t follow standard procedure after an American Airlines attendant told him numerous times to sit down.

The rap star hasn’t been having the best of luck with any mode of transportation this year. After getting his Bentley impounded this past May, his “Twerkin’ Like Miley Cyrus” record released earlier this month didn’t exactly take off either.

Despite being ejected from his flight, he later apologized for his rude behavior. “It was a bad night and me and the flight staff didn’t see eye to eye,” he told TMZ. “In hindsight, I’m extremely sorry for all inconvenience caused to the passengers and employees of the airline.”

Watch him get kicked off the plane below.

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