Schoolin’ Life: 9 Songs To Get You Through College

There comes a point when the journey into adulthood becomes all too real. After 18 years of being cooped up in your parents’ den, restricted by their ridiculous rules, the day arrives where you’ll no longer have to ask permission to stay out past midnight or be forced to get out of bed and ready for class. College is a rite of passage filled with life lessons, sprinkled with plenty of responsibility and tests. Whether it’s an old friendship or long distance relationship, motivation to get out of bed or to take that last shot to the head, you will be tested. As J. Cole put it, “life is your professor, know that bitch is gon’ test you.”

For every test, there’s a song somewhere to get you through it. Flip through to find 10 tests you’ll likely be confronted with at school and the perfect college soundtrack to get you through them. —Shannon Powell (@shannonmichele_)

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