Stalley Talks ‘Honest Cowboy’ Mixtape, Menace II Society And Trayvon Martin

Stalley is known for more than just his allegiance to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music team and lengthy facial hair. The Ohio rapper, né Kyle Myricks, is set to drop his latest mixtape Honest Cowboy Thursday (August 8) even though it isn’t his first time at the rap rodeo.

The 30-year-old lyricist says that it was his father’s work on the ranch and the honest qualities of a cowboy that sparked the mixtape’s title. “The title came from me honestly digging inside of me. I want to be as honest with my music as possible whether it be with myself or my listener,” he tells VIBE. “My father was like a cowboy. At the same time of trying to figure out who I was or what I basically wanted to come across in the music, it was also me searching for answers on why my father wasn’t around or why he did the things he did or why he left.”

The soul-searching resulted in a 10-piece offering that features the likes of Scarface, DJ Quik and Schoolboy Q, but it was another muse that made the cut: the character from the 1993 classic hood film Menace II Society named A-Wax.

“People are more used to the laid back music from me so I just wanted to give out more of that edgy feel to me as a person because that is my personality,” he says of the record “A-Wax.”

“That movie is something that I grew up with in my childhood so it’s always stuck out to me and one of my favorite lines is ‘If you want it done right, take it to the Wax,'” he adds.

Watch Stalley also discuss the possibility of writing a book, who would portray him in a biopic on his life and how his Deadmau5-sampled track “Raise Your Weapons” speaks to the generation coping with the Trayvon Martin case. Stay tuned for Honest Cowboy set to drop later today.