Steve Aoki Cake Throw Hits Fan In A Wheelchair

No one said concerts were safe– or cakes. Steve Aoki – known for his stage dives and champagne spraying – also has the tendency to chuck icing-filled pastries into a sea of die-hard fans. But at his last show in Toronto, Aoki thrusted a fully-loaded cake into the crowd and managed to his an unsuspecting target, a fan in a wheelchair.

“We have to make sure the cake is soft, fluffy,” Aoki told VIBE in an interview at Lollapalooza. “The crowd knows what to expect, especially the front row. Whoever makes the biggest sign usually gets the cake. I’ve hurt my shoulder throwing cakes this year. I’m not kidding. So I’ve had a physiotherapist work on my shoulder every show to like fucking get it prepared and ready, because I’ve thrown it out. It’s like I’m a pitcher now, as well as a DJ.”

No injuries were reported, but the man on wheels seemed ecstatic to be targeted, reports TMZ. Don’t forget to pick your jaw up off the floor after watching the above.

Photo Credit: Getty