Stussy Releases ‘Yo! MTV Raps’ Documentary And Collection

MTV and Stussy have released “We Were All Watching,” a two-part documentary that coincides with their retro Yo! MTV Raps-inspired clothing collection. Part one, called “The Importance of Yo! MTV Raps,” reflects on the monumental impact of the show while part two “Fashion In The Golden Age” discusses the trendy threads rappers wore during hip-hop’s “Golden Age.” Co-creator of Yo! MTV Raps Peter Dougherty is joined by Ed Lover, MC Lyte, Alchemist, DJ Premier and a host of other individuals heavily involved during the show’s seven-year run on the network to pay homage to groundbreaking music programming. Yo! MTV Raps has been widely regarded as a significant factor in spreading hip-hop culture into the households of suburban America and abroad. With appearances by the largest names in the genre, the show immediately became a popular draw for the same target audience MTV catered to. The capsule collection Stussy recently unveiled places 10 of the most iconic artists from the broadcast onto t-shirts and fleece pieces in true vintage form, including LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Digital Underground and Public Enemy. The entire selection is available now at and at all Stussy Chapter stores. Check out part one of the documentary above and part two below.