Tami Roman Confesses She Was Violent on ‘Basketball Wives’ to Boost Ratings

Looking forward to glass throwing and flying fists on this season on Basketball Wives? If so, you might want to look elsewhere. Tami Roman who is known for her in-your-face violent antics has decided to take an alternative route from using violence.

“My approach to this season was to basically learn how to talk to the ladies and be more of a voice rather than a fist, It’s not that Tami didn’t know how to articulate,” Roman said. “It’s not that Tami doesn’t know how to interact with other people, but I chose to only use one dynamic of myself. I am very articulate. I am educated.”

Admitting that her behavior was to boost show ratings, Roman is putting the hood on the back burner and showing another side.

“I came into the situation one way and I said, ‘OK. That’s working, Let me just stay there,’ and it worked until it didn’t work,” Roman said. “Now, I had to take responsibility and dial back and open more of myself up. It’s just me really showing 100 percent of myself and not one aspect.”

Vixens will you still be tuning in to Basketball Wives this season, or have you had enough? —Kandice L Lawson