Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Backs Domestic Violence Claims with Photo Evidence

Terrence Howard’s professional career may be on fire with the upcoming release of three films (The Butler, Winnie Mandela, Best Man Holiday), but his personal life is in complete shambles. The Academy Award nominee is accused of physically abusing ex-wife Michelle Ghent during a family vacation gone wrong. While the latter claims Howard gave her a black eye before macing him, Terrence and his lawyers say that Ghent is mentally unstable.

“In the police report Terrence says Michelle tried to commit suicide 2 months ago and was hospitalized and diagnosed with paranoia. And she seems to confirm that in one of the texts, in which she says, “I’m just insane. I went to a crazy institute,” reports TMZ.

He also publicly addressed Ghent’s claims during an interview at the New York premiere of The Butler.

“Unfortunately I’ve tried to help people and it’s not necessarily in the same enlightened path, of trying to help themselves. We’re divorced now, and she should stay that way. And I just wish the best for her, but as far as me harming somebody … I really can’t harm a fly,” he shared.

“It’s completely against my spirit, but I’m so heartbroken, that you can see that doing it on a night like this is only for an attempt to try and hurt me. [The allegations are] completely wrong, unfortunately, there are some documents that will come out and will tell everything that has occurred, but I never laid my hands on that woman. Or any woman, that’s just not my way.”

While Howard’s sentiments may seem sincere to some, these just released photos of Michelle’s facial injuries certainly don’t help:

Photo Credit: Andrew Gombert/EPA