Tiara Thomas Talks Never Signing With Wale, Linking With Rico Love

Is it bad that she never took a record deal from Wale? “Bad” songtress Tiara Thomas recently linked up with Hot 97 and discussed what fans should be expecting from her in the future. She also set the record straight on her perceived fallout with Wale.

“I was never signed to Wale,” revealed Thomas. “I was never offered a record deal until after the “Bad” record was released.”

Though side-eyes were tossed about when she signed with Rico Love’s Division 1 imprint, Thomas stands by her decision to take another route.

“With Rico, I just felt like that was the most comfortable situation for me to be in,” Thomas said. “I’ve seen a lot about me being disloyal and I don’t think people know the story.”

Thomas shared that she met Wale after meeting with Rico.

“I met Rico Love last summer before there was ever a “Bad” it was just my song,” shared Thomas. “It was just my song then.”

Thomas is currently working on an EP soon to be released titled Dear Sallie Mae. Check out the full interview above.—Kandice Lawson