Toni Braxton’s Booty Steals the Show at Her Concert

At a concert earlier this week in New Brunswick, NJ, singer Toni Braxton accidentally gave her fans an eye full of her round derriere. The 45-year-old diva didn’t even notice that her skimpy skirt had fallen off, exposing her ass for all to see, and continued her dance routine, according to TMZ. Luckily an audience member was nice enough to give the singer his jacket to cover up. Being the true performer that she is, Ms. Braxton wasn’t the least bit phased, and kept the show going as if nothing happened. It could be because at 45 she has a body that most 20-somethings would die for or it wasn’t a big deal to her because she was wearing a nude bodysuit under her outfit. In any case, Ms. Braxton proved that she still got it. Werk!



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