Trailer: Brooklyn’s Own K. Gaines Fights Crime In ‘Kung Fu Bum’ Short

When your influences are luminaries like James Brown, Dave Chappelle and Andre 3000, you have no other choice but to bring your A-game every time you step on the court. Such is life for a Wildman!

Brooklyn born and bred MC K. Gaines has not chosen the fast track to fame and fortune in the rap game. With countless performance bills racked up inside and outside of the Tri-State area, Gaines’ purpose is not simply to “change the game,” but to enhance the field and make it enjoyable for all the prime-time players. Empowered by his own work ethic that keeps him apart from the everyday, average underground sensation, K. Gaines is taking his years of emcee experience and doling it out to his fans in an exciting and unique way.

Ready to drop his individual album debut, simply titled, Rumspringa — The Wildman Chronicle, K. Gaines urges the Hip-Hop community and the world to judge him and his talents on his own terms. The first step in doing so is to take a measured, yet unconventional step left in the form of a short film Kung Fu Bum. Produced by Chopstick Graffiti (created by Richard Maldonado and Peter Lawton), the award-winning short finds Gaines cast as the lead, playing, you guessed it, a bum who must stop evil using the ways of the martial arts. The adventure and excitement packed in this recently released trailer capture the well of energy the Rumspringa has, and is just the first of a number of short vignettes that will drop along with his debut album.

Below, you will see the album cover artwork created by fellow Brooklynite Fresh Daily:


The album features appearances by the Cella Dwellas and boasts a reunion of the standout group, The Sleepwalkas. Before the project’s release on September 10th, music and movie fans alike are invited to screen the Kung Fu Bum movie at TriBeCa Cinemas on August 20th.

You can watch the trailer to the film below: