Tyra Banks Says She Was Most Successful With a Big Ass

Yes, you read correctly. Former Victoria’s Secrets model and media maven Tyra Banks tells US Weekly that she could care less about diets. She wants some ass!

“I was at the height of my success when I was at my biggest,” she added. “So then I go, ‘Why am I shedding weight for press when, like, I told the world to kiss my fat ass and had Emmys and Top Model was at its peak and I was on Time magazine’s top influential people two times in a row — all with a big ass!”

We all remember when Banks was ridiculed for her “massive” weight gain while she was the host of her hit daytime talk show, Tyra. The model tells the magazine that she encourages the contestants on her show to eat what they want. It’s all about balance, not deprivation.

“I don’t do a good job of helping [my girls] lose weight, even if they might need to,” she said. “We stock the house really bad, and then they complain, like, ‘We’re eating all this crap!’ For me, I don’t want them to feel all crazy like models in my day felt. I don’t care — gain some weight, whatever. I know how to choose a shot that’s the most flattering.”


Photo Credit: People.com