VIBE At 20: Kevin Powell Recalls Jailhouse Interview With Tupac , Ep. 3


Tupac always kept it 100. His consistency was apparent not only in his music but also in the eyes of VIBE scribe-turned-political-activist Kevin Powell, who interviewed the rap legend for three VIBE cover stories. In honor of our 20th anniversary, VIBE has been taking a look back at our greatest cover stories. In the final piece of his 3-part interview recalling his moments with ‘Pac, Powell talks about what made the “Dear Mama” rapper who he was and how his time in prison after being shot five times in 1994 changed him.

“People always forget, he was only 25 when he got killed, when he died; you’re still figuring yourself out,” says Powell. “So, I felt that my job as a VIBE magazine journalist, as a reporter, as an interviewer was to at least give him the space to tell his side of the story.”

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