VIBE Exclusive: Big Boi Talks Janelle Monae LP, Phantogram Collaboration and Kate Bush Wish


Big Boi Performs From His Throne For Music First

It takes more than a torn tendon to slow down Big Boi. Sir Lucious performed from a bejeweled throne in New Orleans on Thursday night (Aug. 1) as part of Bud Light’s 50/50/1 concert series — 50 concerts held in 50 states on the same day.

“I tore a tendon on the stage… slipped on a chord,” Big Boi tells VIBE after the show from his tour bus. He’s decompressing on a brown leather lazy boy and proud of his leg recovery progress. “Nine weeks in… surgery, rehab, summer on the couch, traveling, rocking the stages on the throne, still having fun,” he rattles off with a smile.

The former OutKast member has been busy—even with his leg in a brace—collaborating with just about every artist under the sun, besides Andre 3000. “I’m recording a lot right now,” Big Boi reveals, “working with Janelle Monae on her new record that’s coming out, which is going to be one of the dopest album’s of the year… believe that. I’m doing a remix of ‘Electric Lady’ with Cee-Lo Green [for Monae].”

As for his own next offering, Daddy Fat Sax says, “I’m about to do a big collaboration album with Phantogram. We just started production on that. I got a lot of big surprises coming up.”

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Photo Credit: Andrew Rauner/ AJRphotography