VIBE Vixen and TGT Listening Party [Photos]

TGT Listening Party

TGT had the twitter world on fire last night (August 19). VIBE Vixen—along with singers Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank— hosted a  live streaming session of their new album, Three Kings an hour before it was available for the official download.

The packed house and many followers online laughed and learned a lot about the R&B group during Vixen’s Q&A session hosted by our very own vixen writer, Nicole Brown. Thanks to all our twitter and IG followers for the questions about love, fans, music, and most importantly, themselves.

While sipping on Malibu Red—in real time and virtually—fans of the solo-artists-turned-group enjoyed the sounds of their debut album.

Hope you tuned in and if you didn’t, enjoy the pictures below!

Photo Credits: Sharifa Daniels