How Vine Is Making Interesting Music Six Seconds At A Time

In the seven months since Twitter launched Vine most users have found it the perfect way to project their mindless self indulgence with moving, rather than static, images. A rare few though are using Vine to get creative, particularly when it comes to music. And it’s all thanks to the automatic looping feature that takes a six-second snippet and makes it last as long as you want.

The Vine auto-loop can transform a forgettable six seconds into a mesmerizing 60. Or it can allow for experimentation with multiple Vines playing in unison. Or it can do things that no one has figured out yet. Since we can’t highlight those, we’ve plucked the best existing examples of Vine music to prove that not all social media innovations exist solely for selfies.

1. The simple loop
It’s hard to imagine six seconds of audio sticking with you six seconds later. But the right six seconds, looped infinitely, can become a piece of music that evolves — even if it never actually changes. The best Vine music loops require a few trips through them before revealing their full selves. Some settle into comfortable repetition, while others seem to transform on the 10th or 20th or 100th time through. Take the tracks off of L. Pierre’s all-Vine album The Eternalist. The Vines are all soft sounds and ambient noises meant to be played over and over as they become one long, soothing piece of ethereal music.

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