Vixen Chat: Elijah Kelley Reveals What It’s Like Working With Oprah, Discusses His Thoughts On Amanda Bynes

Elijah Kelley danced, sang and acted his way into our hearts as Seaweed Stubbs in the big screen adaptation of Hairspray. Since then, he’s continued to make major Hollywood moves, appearing in box office hits like Red Tails and the upcoming The Butler. Playing the son of Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey may seem a daunting task, but the 27-year old makes it look easy as their youngest son “Charlie Gaines.”

During our exclusive Vixen Chat, Elijah told us how he won over Lee Daniels, why he gets along with other actors and working with the queen of talk. He also dished on “the perfect woman” and former co-star Amanda Bynes’ Twitter antics.

VIBE Vixen: How has The Butler journey been so far?
Elijah Kelley: It’s been a dream come true. You get to see your heroes acting on a daily basis. Everybody from Oprah to Lenny Kravitz—it’s amazing.

Is Oprah really as amazing as she seems?
(Laughs) You know what? I think she’s better than what people imagine. I think if she had the time, she would go through person by person and help out because that’s her spirit; that’s her heart and that’s what she does best.