Vixen Chat: Elijah Kelley Reveals What It’s Like Working With Oprah, Discusses His Thoughts On Amanda Bynes

elijah kelleyYou’re a triple threat: you sing, dance and act? Will we be hearing more music in the future?
It’s always been on the horizon. I just had to wait for the right time. I like the quality in what I do and when the market is sometimes oversaturated with things that aren’t so good, the greatness can be lost inside of that. Right now is a time where I think real music is making its way back and artists like myself will be acknowledged. My time is coming and you’ll be one of the first to hear and you’ll listen to it and go out to it and party to it and all of that stuff (laughs).

Whose music are you enjoying most right now?
My boy Tristan (Wilds). I like his songs. There’s actually a song I just produced for a girl group. This is something most people don’t know, but I produce. I’ve been working with these two wonderful ladies; their name is Faarrow. Right now, they’re the faces of the Diesel Studio Africa campaign. The song is called ‘Say My Name.’ I’ve been doing it secretly for awhile. I do what I do when I feel the impulse to.

Speaking of girls, do you have a girlfriend?
(Laughs) Should I?

Should you have a girlfriend or should you answer the question?
Should I have a girlfriend? Because a lot of girls tell me that I don’t need to have a girlfriend. I do want a girl in my life and there is someone special, but I’m working out the kinks.

So you’re casually dating?
You’re going to get me in trouble because…well…I’m single. I’m dating my job.

What type of girl are you looking for?
I love strong, assertive, driven women. Very, very clear vision in what they want. Somebody sexy, stylish and very centered. Somebody I can walk into a room with and no man in that room can say, “Oh, I been with her” or “I had a date with her last night.” I pride myself on being able to say, “That’s me and nobody else.”

What is sexy to you?
A conversation. I’m very witty and charming and as a guy in this industry, you learn to be able to say the right things at the right moment. I think it’s sexy when a woman can totally call me on my B.S. and I’m speechless. I think it’s extremely sexy when she can say “boy, stop doing this and that.” I love that. It’s not a lot of women that can do it.

What’s next for you?
There’s a couple projects that I’m very interested in that I can’t actually talk about because they’re not set in stone. But the next thing that I do I can tell you will be life changing and you guys will probably remember me forever for it.