Vixen Chat: Kimberly Gibson Talks Dancing With Beyoncé and How She Maintains Her Afro

kimberly gibsonTo attend a Beyoncé concert is to witness a spectacle of superstardom, energized by Mrs. Carter’s backup dancers. Even with all eyes on Bey, her dancers steal their fair share of the spotlight (and even have their own fans).

Vixen recently caught up with Kimberly Gibson, a popular member of the Mrs. Carter Show crew, between performances. We got the dish on her career, the future of Kimmestry and that iconic afro.

VIBE Vixen: Did you ever imagine you would be where you are now (dancing for the world’s biggest superstar)?
Kimberly Gibson: I am taken back by how huge this accomplishment is. Sometimes I look around the stage and I’m blown away by how talented everyone is, [before I] realize that we’re sharing that same stage. It’s very humbling and empowering. I am living proof that dreams come true.

What was your first experience with Beyoncé like?
My first experience with Beyoncé was during the first rehearsal [for the] Naughty Girl [routine]. I extremely nervous and was trying to get the steps perfect [immediately]. Today, in rehearsals, I am not as stressed about [perfecting] the moves right away. My confidence has grown, and I [am focused on] doing my best.

You’re known for your gorgeous afro. Tell us about your hair maintenance routine.
I use a lot of conditioner on my hair. I try not to put a lot of heat on it. On our [days off], I go to the salon and get a good wash and a deep conditioning–which usually takes all day. On a show days, I keep [my hair] in a big puff on top of my head and brush it out before the show.

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