Vixen Chat: Kimberly Gibson Talks Dancing With Beyoncé and How She Maintains Her Afro


How do you feel about natural hair in the work place?
I think natural hair in the work place is powerful. It speaks volumes. Wearing natural hair tells the world you are confident in who you are.

Have you ever spoken to Solange about her hair or exchanged hair care tips?
I haven’t spoken to Solange about hair advice, but I would love to!

Which of your performances —video and live performance —are your favorites?         
My favorite music video is “Ego”, [because] it was my very first video. My favorite live performance is the 2011 MTV VMAs “Love on Top” performance. It was so magical!

Most awkward situation you’ve been in with a fan?
I haven’t been in too many awkward situations with fans. [But] I get a lot of really sad stories [over email]. I used to read them and feel so bad, and then I [realized that] people will do anything to get tickets. That’s not fair guys! Don’t play with my emotions!

If you weren’t dancing professionally, what would you be doing?
I am 100% positive that I would be an elementary school teacher. I enjoy working with young children. I believe [that young people] need encouragement to dream big and [become] their very best.

What’s up next for you?
Aside from finishing the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, I am currently developing a motivational dance program called Kimmestry. Right now it is a three-month Saturday morning program, focused on the fundamentals of dance and building self-esteem. I plan to grow Kimmestry into a full dance program, [because] I feel that I have a responsibility, as a role model, to inspire young women. Kimmestry is my way of giving back to the community.

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