Gentlemen’s Corner: Wale on his Beanie Brand ‘Wrking Title’

Wrking Title Beanies

WRKING TITLE’s inaugural fall 2013 collection includes variations on five beanie styles: The Taylor, the Mantle, the Hyperspread, the Pebbles Pom Pom and the Icon.  The hats are knit using a luxe wool blend that sets the brand far apart from its competitors.

“I’ve always loved beanies and have been wearing them since middle school,” Wale admitted. ” My favorite beanie was purchased at my local corner store in DC. It was a simple black beanie. It was all of $4 and fit me [perfectly].”

Although the leader of the New Black Soul is regularly seen in tailored suits and dress shoes instead of Nike dunks, he hasn’t completely abandoned his sneakerhead/streetwear style.  His personal style is evolving, and he knows the style sensibilities of his fans are evolving too.

“WRKING TITLE is a line for everyone,” Wale insisted.  “[who] knows life is nothing without grind.” —Christopher Harris

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