Vixen Inspiration: Develop Lasting Relationships

Most of us see a smile and equate it with happiness. Others see rippling muscles as a sign of great physical health. Both are assumptions. We live in a time where it’s easy to pretend we have it all together. But in reality most of us don’t have anything together.

The problem is we are developing veneer relationships. But how do we develop lasting connections? To begin, we must peel back the layers and expose who we truly are if we want to have real alliances. Second, we must be willing to be honest about where we are in life. Lastly, we must truly desire to have positive relationships.

Vixens, be willing to be vulnerable, honest and mature if you want to connect with each other. God Bless!

Pervis Taylor III, is the author of the book Pervis Principles Volume One. He’s also a Life Coach, Speaker and Workshop Leader. For more info please visit Follow him on twitter at @pervistaylor.