Vixen of the Day: Eutopia

Vixen of the day: Eutopia

Location: Brooklyn Town U.S.A.

Occupation: Late Night’s on WNOW 92.3 FM/Radio Hostess

Style: I’ve been searching for the proper word to describe my style for a while now, but no luck. I’m the kind of lady  who wears Jordan’s, a tank plus yoga pants (which I’ve been wearing a little too much lately) one day and a vintage Chanel skirt, Gucci shoes and Forever 21 (which are the best) v-neck t-shirt the next.

Beauty fav I can’t live without: Glaceau Smart Water. I know… not what you were expecting,  but this is my beauty fav I absolutely can’t live without. Water keeps my skin hydrated, which gives it a natural glow I can’t buy or paint on with any beauty product on the planet.

Inspired by: My great grandmother, grandma, mother, single mothers ,Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Ripa, entrepreneurs and 2 Chainz (dude has an incredible story).

A vixen is… an individual who dreams big, inspires, and embraces flaws because they understand that a one of a kind is always the best kind,  trust their intuition, has faith in their vision, knows living to see another day is greatest gift/opportunity ever, gives without expectations, loves unconditionally, knows forgiveness + gratitude = freedom, courage is the best accessory to wear any/everywhere, falls down but manages to always get up and  looks fiercely fabulous while doing so, plus knows that beauty comes from within and surfaces without.

Photo Credit: Tennille McMillian