Vixen Verified: August Book Club

The Nominee
In Ghana Must Go, Taiye Selasi explores the peculiar realities unique to immigrant parents and their American-born children: the disparate interpretations of the American Dream (and the inevitable disappointments that result), and the varied existences, and multiple dialects, that exist under a single roof. The novel follows the Sai family across the globe, through grief and estrangement, professional triumphs and emotional repair. Selasi’s exquisite prose acknowledges the power of honesty, forgiveness and the various types of love—familial, friendship and romantic—to heal most wounds.

The Romp
One Flight Up is a gimlet-eyed glimpse into the lives of a multi-culti clique of “one percent” women, as they balance work with life, love and lust. As one of the few women of color well-established in American High Society, author Susan Fales-Hill writes from a rarefied perspective. No wonder this fictional account of ladies who lunch, as they try not to let their (Goyard?) baggage derail their couture-clad futures, rings so true.

The Eye Candy
When Fashion Danced celebrates the contributions of seminal American designer Stephen Burrows’ to the world of high fashion. The book is filled with drawings, photographs and essays that are testament to Burrows’ far-reaching influence and creative genius.  If you missed the exhibit of the same name earlier this year (at the Museum of the City of New York), this volume is a fabulous substitute.

The History Lesson
The Treason of Mary Louvestre is inspired by the true story of Mary Louvestre, a black woman spy and seamstress slave who lived in the Confederate town of Norfolk, Virginia during the Civil War. Follow Mary as she sets to commit treason against the South when she learns of her owner’s involvement with modifications to the ironclad CSS Virginia—but not before trekking hundred of miles through the bitter 1862 winter. —Sacha Phillip

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