Watch: HBO Releases Teaser For ‘Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight’

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight has received warm reviews from critics who screened it during the Cannes Film Festival. With such positive praise, HBO has decided to let go the teaser trailer to the film!

The film merges real footage of the Champ with a cast of characters telling the story about the debate in the Supreme Court over whether or not to overturn the previous ruling that refused to recognize Ali’s conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War. The discussions take place within the film under the guise of various judges and their aids arguing within closed rooms, not inside any courtrooms, as the film will detail their infighting.

For those who don’t know, Muhammad Ali, then Heavyweight Champion of the World, refused to enlist into the military to fight for America’s interest in the Vietnam War. His objections to the war were very public and specific. Under the ruling of “conscientious objector,” Ali was then convicted by a judge and sentenced to serve time in prison, which many regarded as the period of time when Ali was in his prime. The case would head all the way up to the Supreme Court. Later in life, that same court would reverse his conviction, but only after more dubious information leaked about the real reason behind the war.

Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight stars Christopher Plummer (Justice John Marshall Harlan), Frank Langella (Chief Justice Warren Burger), Danny Glover (Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall), Ed Begley Jr. (Justice Harry Blackmun), Barry Levinson (Justice Potter Stewart), and Kathleen Chalfant (Ethal Harlan).

Director Stephen Frears opted to not cast anyone in the role of Ali, instead choosing to use archival footage of him in the film, which would lend more focus on the Supreme Court judges and their decision-making, rather than on Ali himself.

The film will make its debut on HBO on October 5 at 8:00pm ET. You can get a peak at what to expect in the clip below.

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