Watch: Solange Talks About Her Upcoming Album

Following an innovative performance at the Atlantic Super Wash Center laundromat in Brooklyn for Vitamin Water’s “Uncapped” performance series, Solange Knowles sat down with Miss Info to discuss her upcoming fourth album, her True EP, and a major move.

“It’s really early, I literally started like last week,” Solange said of her new album. “But I’ve been writing things that I want to talk about in my songs. It’s never like I just go into the studio and just start making the music and see what happens.”

Though still in the early stages of her creative process, Knowles shared that her album would be a “concept record,” where she intends to tackle social issues. She also discussed the pop inspiration behind her True EP, citing Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

“With my last record True, I knew that the term ‘pop’ became sort of an embarrassing thing to be associated with,” she said. “The music that I grew up loving was pop music. It was incredibly intelligent and multi-faceted and interesting. I really wanted to tune into an era that really celebrated pop music. Naturally the ‘80s was sort of a great starting point.”

And while Solange has long been associated with her residence in Brooklyn, the singer also told Miss Info that she and her son Juelz would be packing up and heading for a new city.

“I’m actually moving to New Orleans so I’m really excited about that. I’m still in the process of like ‘Wow, I’m really moving there.’ I’m a Southern girl at heart, I love the South. There’s no other city in the world really like New Orleans. You know, the cultural aspect of it is just insanely magical. It such a music city. It’s so ingrained.”

Watch Solange’s sit down with Miss Info here.