#WCW: Halle Berry’s Sexiest Pics

Halle Berry

“As long as you took you better look like Halle Berry” —Jay Z

Even Jay-Z defines Halle’s sexiness. From her worst movies to her most badass, this 47-year old vixen keeps our interest in her career while we wonder what fountain of youth she’s sipping from.

The soon-to-be married star hasn’t stopped her career due to age or pregnancy. She’s made history with her Oscar win and made us all envious watching her on-screen romance with fine leading men.

With a new movie coming out and her urgency for her paparazzi bill to be passed, we hope she has time to celebrate all her success. However, we’ll celebrate her by taking a look at her most lustable pics. Happy #WomanCrushWednesday!

Photo Credit: Lanzy Celebrity