Wigging Out: Tamar Braxton Slams K. Michelle, Claims She Stole Her Style

tamar braxton
Tweet wars have been brewing between “Love and War” singer Tamar Braxton and singer K. Michelle after Tamar tweeted about her wig being jacked. According to Tamar—who set the record straight to Muthaknows and Mina SayWhat from “The Rise & Grind Morning Show”—her comments were directed at the person who styles her wig, not K. Michelle. Still, Mrs. Braxton claims K. Michelle stalked her wig maker and had one made that looked very similar to one she previously wore.

Tamar also called K. Michelle out, saying “Every situation I’ve had with this person….she’s invited herself into.” K. Michelle offered to call her and apologize but Tamar wants a public apology since she insulted her publicly. Divas, why can’t we all just get along? — Shantoel McLeod