The WINs And FAILs Of The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards


Rihanna’s blank stare during Miley Cyrus’ performance
Rihanna’s blank stare during Drake’s performance
Lady Gaga’s speedy outfit changes for her show-opening round of “Applause”
Justin Timberlake performing the Best of Justin Timberlake before copping his Vanguard
Eminem’s Beats By Dre commercials doubling as album promo
Rihanna’s MC Lyte tee
The not-so-secret N’SYNC reunion
Drake killing everyone softly with “Hold On We’re Going Home”
Jaden Smith nearly tearing up after watching Drake
Kanye West’s nod to The Lynching Tree
Bruno Mars bodying “Gorilla”
Danity Kane reuniting
Rih’s BFF Melissa’s popcorn bucket
Kanye’s shadow dancing
The Kaws design integration
Lady Gaga’s square head

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Photo Credit: Instagram