‘We The New Rock Stars!’ And 10 More Great Quotes From Kanye West’s Zane Lowe Interview


Kanye West sat with BBC 1’s Zane Lowe for a candid breakdown of Yeezus, his expansion into design (see: DONDA) and his fight for respect in the fashion world. Check out some of his best Yeezy-isms below.

On Cruel Summer and art vs. commerce
“When I get into the idea of, like, the trap drums and things like that or certain songs that are blatant radio hits, I’m speaking with today’s textures. If you look at it 200 years from now, it’s not gonna stand out in the way that 808s or Yeezus stands out and completely can push and redefine and make people say, ‘I completely hate that’ or ‘I completely love that.’”

On making unconventional music
“I was talking to Frank Ocean and said my mom got arrested for the sit-ins and now we’re more like the sit-outs. Like, sit off of radio and say, hey radio come to us.”

On how he feels about Yeezus now
“I just think that I’m a production person. I’m a product guy. I’m a producer. So if I’m working on a John Legend, I’m gonna try to give John Legend the best home for him to stay in and I’m gonna try to push Pusha T to make the thing that represents what I like about his music the most. And then for me as Kanye West, I gotta fuck shit up.”

On “Blood on the Leaves”
“Originally, ‘Blood on the Leaves’ was supposed to be first [on the album], which psychologically I know would’ve changed certain Yeezus naysayers about the album. But it wasn’t that time for me…I wanted to take a more aggressive approach with music… I’m not here to make easy listening, easy programmable music.”

On how Michael Jackson inspired him
“In my life and creativity, it’s been challenging and everything, but I was able to ascend to massive levels of heights and never stop because of the foundation that my mother and my father and my grandfather laid through civil rights, what Michael Jackson did with music videos and the ground he broke. There wouldn’t be no Kanye West if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson.”